Best Cryptocurrency Investments in 2020

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Best Cryptocurrency Investments in 2020

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple lead as the best cryptocurrencies in the crypto market for 2020, with its prices soaring beyond predictions.

Analysts have been decisive in its prediction for cryptocurrency in the year, with a rise in its blockchain technology and breakthrough in today’s situation. Blockchain technology has been predicted to hit big during these times of cashless transactions and social distancing. Investors and buyers alike have anticipated the growth amidst the ongoing health situation endangering the economy while devaluing the printed currency and inflation in the market. Hence, more and more investors have been open to the idea of these currencies.


Bitcoin or BTC is easily the most famous and successful type of cryptocurrency.

In fact, experts have pointed out that its popularity has been its flair and weapon as to why it has been leading in against the other currencies. Today, its price has rocketed at $9,580.94, the most expensive cryptocurrency up to date. Analysts have claimed that investors benefit from its high liquidity levels and its volatile yet consistent growth.


Even though it trails behind Bitcoin in popularity, its appeal to investors rests on its influence on the market. Ethereum or ETH today is at $272.78, with predictions expecting it to rise more. Its blockchain technology is useful in enabling countless projects to develop. It has a reputation for being accessible to beginners in cryptocurrency. It also has a strong network with decentralized applications and ecosystems relying on it.


Ripple or XRP today holds at $0.207530 in price. It has a secure network as well as technology that is swiftly extending novel opportunities in the commerce, banking, and payment aspects. The largest remittance business MoneyGram has picked up a total of $11 million, more or less, from XRP last year, using Ripple’s blockchain in its payment solutions. Their partnership relies on the cryptocurrency’s liquidity, leading to the bullish predictions of XRP this year.


LTC has been branded as one of the fastest as well as affordable cryptocurrency in the market. Analysts have praised its technology-forward profile, trailing behind BTC and ETH. In investments, it has great potential and offers a more affordable price compared to the leading brands. Today, it is at $44.70, an excellent opportunity for investors to grab since predictions have also held LTC in high honors. Recently, it has been integrated into ATMs in South Korea in its partnership with MeconCash.


Experts have regarded the Neo cryptocurrency as one of the most promising types predicted to go big in the remainder of 2020. Beginning in 2019, its token has risen from $7.50 to $11.00. Today, its price is at $11.21, with significant to little growth. Analysts regard investments in it as risky. However, its low pricing is an opportunity for interested investors. Its market capitalization is at $790 million, dubbed as the “Chinese Ethereum”.

Analysts today have seen this mark in history as an opportunity for blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is getting more popular, and investors are expected to take a chance at it in the coming future.

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| AD | 80.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

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